Frequently Asked Questions

Washington Limousine gets many calls from our newer customers with the same few questions. You already know that we love to save you money, but we also like to save you time! That's why we went ahead and printed up a bunch of our most frequently asked questions right here. That way you can save a few moments and get your initial concerns out of the way before you place your first call or send your first email to us. Here are Washington Limousine's most frequent customer questions.

Q. Are we able to watch movies in the limousine?
A. Washington Limousine limos feature HDTVs with DVD players so you're able to enjoy all the movies and videos that you like while on board.

Q. Can we listen to our own music in the limos too?
A. You're welcome to bring your iPod or MP3 player to hook up to our audio system, or you can simply bring some of your favorite CDs and ask all your friends to do the same.

Q. How many guests can your limousines accommodate?
A. Our Escalade limos can hold up to 20 guests and our Lincoln Town Car limos can hold up to 10.

Q. Do you provide drinks or snacks for your customers while traveling?
A. We do not, but we have beautifully crafted built-in bars with coolers that you can stock with plenty of food and beverages.

Q. Are we permitted to drink alcohol in the limo?
A. As long as everyone in your party is at least 21 years of age, you are more than welcome to stock the bar with all your favorite alcoholic beverages and have your own little nightclub on wheels! If anyone in your party is under 21, you will not be able to have any alcohol on board.

Q. Can we smoke in the limo?
A. To keep our limos fresh, we don't allow smoking, but the chauffeur will be happy to pull over for you to step out and have a smoke whenever you like.

Q. Are we responsible for cleaning the limo and for any damages?
A. We simply expect that you return the limousine in the clean condition that it was presented to you in. If any purposeful damages occur by you or your party, you will be responsible for the repair costs.

Further questions? You can reach Washington Limousine by telephone or email right here.