About Us

Washington Limousine has been providing limo rental service to the entire Washington, D.C. area for quite some time now. Our customer base represents all types of people from young up and comers to seasoned professionals, from those who are just getting started to those who are nearing retirement. We have customers who are artists, customers who are politicians, and customers who are college students. The beauty of having such a varied array of customers is that Washington Limousine has learned to customize our travel experience to work for both those who are on a tight budget and those for whom money is no object, and of course for all those in between.

Not only has a lot of effort gone into finding ways for Washington Limousine customers to save money when making transportation plans with us, but we have also put much time into choosing the absolute best chauffeurs to be a part of our team. We refuse to hire ordinary licensed drivers like other Washington limo rental companies do. Only true chauffeurs make the cut, and only after having passed multiple driving tests, background checks, and drug tests do they become a part of our employ. All of us at Washington Limousine want you to be not only completely safe on the road, but also guided by the very best, who really know their way around the busy Washington, D.C. streets.

We're licensed and insured to keep you protected too, with an insurance policy that is in the multi millions of dollars to make sure that you are fully protected no matter what. There are many permits and licenses that the state requires us to have, and we always make sure that they're current and renewed. All of our documentation is available for you to view if you would like to, and all you've got to do is get in touch via phone or email and we'll be happy to forward that to you either via fax or email, or you can alternatively come down to our office and look at them in person.

Our office staff knows all of the details about each one of our vehicles, so when you call to make plans for your big event, there is someone here who will be able to choose the perfect vehicle for you. If you prefer, you can come down to our lot and choose a vehicle for yourself, or you can just tell us exactly what your needs are and we'll pick the right one for you. The one thing that is certain when you choose Washington Limousine for your limo travel in D.C. is that you'll have the safest and most fun time of your life, almost like having your very own nightclub on the road. When you're ready to talk to us about your trip, you can find all of our contact info right here. Thank you for considering Washington Limousine!