Reston Dining Options

Neyla Mediterranean Bistro

Get ready for your senses to be absolutely delighted. The environment is warm, modern and yet at the same time rustic. One of the best ways to describe an experience here is an old world leisure with new world convenience. The Mediterranean dishes are fabulous and you will walk out feeling heathier than when you walked in. Don't miss the chance to experience superior cuisine and exceptional customer service.

(703) 318-8920

11898 Market Street, Reston, VA 20200-5612


When it comes to seafood, you need to make sure that the venue that you visit knows their stuff. And that is certainly something that coul dbe said about this fine establishment. The atmosphere here is contemporary and reminds you of a vintage ocean liner. But what is truly celebrated here are the flavors and traditional techniques associated with great seafood. They also offer an impressive raw bar and a dedicated sushi chef.

(703) 230-FISH

11960 Democracy Dr, Reston, VA 20200-5624


Enjoy some wonderfully casual dining at this beautiful location. The menu is full of items that are fresh and hit you with bold flavors from Italy and from the Mediterranean. It is your choice, enjoy the confines of the dining room or the outdoor patio. The food served up here is some of the heathiest you will find anywhere. The nice list of beer and wine provide you the complete dining experience. Everything is made from scratch.

(703) 391-2100

11130M S Lakes Drive, Reston, VA 20201-4327

Clyde's of Reston

This is a destination for neighbors and visitors alike. The atmosphere and the decor is absolutely stunning. From the majestic glass-paneled oak bar to the hand-crafted Art Deco ceramic lamps to the array of visual treasures, the ambiance is something you have to experience to really understand. The menu is full of authentic American items featuring locally grown produce, hormone-free beef and homemade desserts.

(703) 787-6601

11905 Market Street, Reston, VA 20200-5615

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